Staycation photos


365 photo project: Day 78. The Portland skyline from Bug Light Park.

When work slows down after a busy season, everyone tries to take a little time off. When work slowed down just in time for my birthday, I was ready for a little time off.

I didn’t make any plans for this vacation, a nice stretch of nine days off, I just wanted to have some time to take it easy, and maybe catch up with family and friends. In that sense, vacation has been a success.

I also made a point to try to get out of the house with my camera and shoot some photos. I’ve met that goal with varying degrees of success. At least twice this week I have hopped in the car with the express purpose of taking pictures.


Hadlock Field, the day after a snowstorm, and Opening Day is closing in fast. 


My newphew in front of the dope graffiti at The Great Lost Bear. 

At the start of my time off, I took a trip to Hadlock Field and Loring Memorial Park to shoot the stadium and the sunset. Sunday, I took my camera to lunch with my family and snapped a couple shots, and Tuesday I went on a lighthouse tour. Well, I only went to two lighthouses – Portland Head Light and Bug Light Park.


Portland Head Light. I should have stuck around for the sunset. 

Turns out, the sunset turned the Portland skyline this amazing red, orange, blue mix. I spent 30-45 minutes, if not an hour, trying to capture it. I can’t wait to go back, when I’m better prepared (I need a tripod and a longer lens to start) and try to capture it again.


Bug Light Park and the Portland skyline. It was pretty epic. 

For the most part, this vacation has been a success. I’ve had some fun and created some images I’m happy with. I think I’ve learned a few things as well, which is really the most important thing about this “create every day” journey.

Baseball and sunsets

74. March 16, 2018

365 photo project: Day 73. Checking out the sunset. 

Earlier this week, I ran past Hadlock Field in Portland. I stopped jogging and paused my Garmin, spending a second to look at the stadium and dream of warm summer nights of baseball.

The statue of the team’s mascot, Slugger, in front of the stadium holds a sign. On that day it read, “Think Spring. Opening day is 32 days away.”

We got 18 inches of snow over the next two days.

I drove over to Hadlock Field today because I thought it would be a fun image to make of that sign in front of the stadium surrounded by snow. Plus, I love baseball stadiums (I have a blog about that, too).


There wasn’t a ton of snow in front of the stadium, so I didn’t exactly nail the image I wanted. Still, it was fun to be at the stadium, dreaming of those warm summer nights, and making images. IMG_0064IMG_0070

On the walk back to my car, the sky started to turn to a glorious mixture of blue and pink and red. I decided then to find a spot to try to capture those colors. The sky was impressive, my ability to capture it was a mixed bag. IMG_0090IMG_0093