Creating at work


This was work tonight. Nothing special, but I kept the chain going and created this (and four other pages) today. 

Today, I created at work. It wasn’t anything that will blow your mind, but I laid out the Sports section and we made deadline. Plus, I didn’t do anything creative before work, so this is going to have to count.

Actually, of course it counts. I’m planning to write a post about my “day” job (it’s in quotes because I work nights, but you get the gist) and how I feel fortunate I have a job that allows me to be creative. Right now, it’s 12:15 a.m. and I’m just not feeling it. So, I leave you with the front page of tomorrow’s sports section (above) and my work space at work, which is way better than my work space at home.


My desk at work and the tools of the trade. It’s a little messy and could be more organized right now, but it’s a spot for me to create. 

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