Doodles in that sketchbook I bought so long ago, and a new sketchbook with Batman demanding I get to work. 

The night stand next to my bed is full of stuff. Sitting on top of it there is a lamp, a box of tissues, a water bottle, a fan, some gift cards, a change jar, reading glasses … a lot of junk. The first shelf has medications, my copy of “The Daily Stoic” and a few notebooks. And on the bottom shelf there is printer paper, scrap paper, the newspaper and a barely used sketchbook.

I bought that sketchbook a few years ago, I can’t exactly remember when. At the time, something or another inspired me to start drawing again. In elementary and middle school, I had a few sketchbooks, most of the page containing bad drawings of my favorite athletes. Michael Jordan. Walter Payton. Dwight Evans. Wade Boggs. There was a poorly drawn portrait of each of them (I wish I still had those sketchbooks but I’m already a bit of a hoarder so, it’s better I don’t). Oh, and Garfield. My dad loved Garfield and it was the one thing I could actually come close replicating.

But that sketchbook I bought recently has been sitting on one shelf or another for years, unused. I’ve opened it and started doodling a few times, but usually got frustrated because I have no talent, ripped out the page, crumbled it up and tossed it in the trash.

This morning I opened that sketchbook and tried to doodle a little bit. I was toying around with a logo for this new website just because it was something to try to create. None of it was any good, I’m too embarrassed to even really share it, but I actually put something on paper in that book and it felt good.


I’ve always been fascinated by people who can draw and have always wanted to develop those skill. I’ve also long been interested in graphic design and while I get to flex that muscle a little bit at work sometimes (you can take a look here, but … boy, do I need to update this page. Some good, a lot of bad). Yet, I’ve never really done anything about it.

I’m hopeful that this goal to create something every day will be the kick in the ass I need to sketch more often, to learn graphic design, to explore my artistic side. It felt good to fill up that page this morning, even if the stuff I put on it was junk. I’m learning, I’m developing those muscles, that’s the important thing.

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